About Yogic Therapy

I am Ghita, I am the founder of Yogic therapy.

I have 500 hours Yoga teacher training.

I have been teaching Yoga since 2012.

I have practiced Kriya yoga and  Hatha Yoga the last 11 years.

I am educated over many times in India, and have often lived in Ashrams for deepening my practice.



I had retreats in Sweden, Ibiza and  Sardinia.



Retreats for this year is in Sardinia (canceled- Corona)

and Island.


I do retreats to share my teaching from my heart. 

Yoga is for me connection to my true self, my inner light. 

My Yoga retreat is and invitation, to you, and invitation to getting you back, back to were you belong, back to your true self.

My Yogaretreats will invite you to, accept and love your Soulbody and mind.


I teach with light and unconditional love, and always create a safe space for you.

I also offer intuitive healing, were I work with the chakras, feelings and body.

                             I look forward to se you

                               Love and light from