Yogic therapy treatment.

A Yogic therapy healing session is conversation and energy work.

I work with the body, mind and soul.

The healing start  with  introductory conversation, after then the energy work will begin.

During the Yogic therapy healing session, there will be emotional .

I work with the feelings and trauma that are stuck in body, mind and soul. You will be safe under the whole session. 

I work out from unconditional love, and will create a safe space.

A space were we can go deep into the body, mind and soul.

I work with respect and honesty.

A yogic therapy healing session is for everyone, who want to go deep into them self, learning about you self, letting go of pain and sorrows, start opening up for life, the joy, the unconditional love.

A session is  60-90 minutes

Price: 100 Euro