Ghita is the brightest and best yoga instructor and for me is a constant source of spiritual immersion and inspiration.

As a yoga instructor and healer, Ghita has very special and unique abilities, and I highly recommend her.

She keeps the room so you feel safe, greeted and seen. Her affectionate and loving nature instills calm and room for contemplation. Ghita's intuition is amazing and she guides in a marvelous way, each one on her yoga team, physically as well as spiritually.

And then Ghita has a great sense of humor, so that in addition to smooth body and mind, you also go home with a smile on the lip. At Ghita you are in safe and knowledgeable hands, whether you are seeking yoga, healing or spiritual guidance. Niels-Christian

Ghita is a very focused and skilled yoga teacher and healer. Her happy, easygoing, down-to-earth approach to life, and her obvious passion makes all her classes really fun and enjoyable. You feel very comfortable in her presence and during her sessions. Ghita's powerful connection and clarity make the healing sessions feel both fantastically relaxing and energizing. Her empathy and intuition help her to know and understand where you are at, and she is soon able to inspire you and guide you forward.
I love it️


Ghita Kogi is the best yoga teacher I’ve ever had.
She has a special, loving presence that makes each class unique, and her fun, relaxed approach makes everybody feel welcome and at ease.
I highly recommend Ghita, whether you’re trying out yoga for the first time, or have been doing it for years.
She is attentive and creative, and you are guaranteed a laugh, while broadening your horizon and deepening your practice.


I started yoga a long time ago. I started with the help of various videos on the web and got the opportunity to join one of Ghita's teams. The warmth and proximity I met her from day one became to me the essence of my subsequent yoga practice. Ghita is not just an exemplary, skilled and inspiring teacher; I also have a sincere interest in her students and furniture all with love, understanding and care. Ghita manages the difficult art of balancing the unpretentious and straightforward, while creating a sense of calm and seriousness. I have met many yoga teachers on my way, men have gained a place in my heart as Ghita and no one has managed to make me feel set and embraced, like her. I now teach yoga myself and Ghita is always mentally by my side. I can give my students just a fraction of the good energy that Ghita exudes from the abundance I'm happy with. With great gratitude!


I can highly recommend Ghita's yoga teaching.

With her teaching, she has made a huge difference in my inside yoga journey.

Ghitas is very smiling and welcoming, so you feel quickly relaxed in her presence.

You are guided with a comfortable voice and supported if you need alternative positions.

There is room to express the feelings that are pushing, Ghita is extremely loving, she sees you and help you through your emotions.

At the same time, her joy inflicts and she uses humor to create a pleasant atmosphere. Through Ghita's teaching, I have found more peace in myself, breathing more deeply, releasing a lot of hidden feelings and developing in my yoga practice, which I am deeply grateful for.


Yes, you just start yoga at Ghita. You will get great teaching in yoga in a fun way.

Not understanding that the yoga teaching is not serious, because it is very serious, but there is a relaxed, happy and cheerful atmosphere compared to other places, where it almost becomes "religious".

There is room for us to get some crazy whims that we want to try out and that is what Ghita is all about.

In addition to this, you can come up with questions and get good input.