Yoga Descriptions:

Restorative Yoga:

Restorative Yoga is a calming and rejuvenating practice that focuses on deepening into our body and mind.

We spend a long time getting into comfortable postures (asanas) which are often in stillness.

We use the breath to go deep into ourselves, to invite the nervous system to discharge and the mind to let go, making restorative yoga deeply nourishing and meditative.



Hatha Yoga Level 1-3:

Hatha Yoga is a more active form of Yoga.

We slowly awaken the body, breath and its energetic field and centers (meridians and chakras) to invite a freer flow of energy. In Hatha Yoga, we always practice sun salutations (a dynamic sequence of movement), pranayama (releasing the breath) and savasana (meditation lying down).

Level 1:

Yoga for beginners, we get to know Asanas (postures) more deeply. We progress very slowly to sensitise to all the major joints of the body in gentle stretches and twists, as well as slow sun salutations and ujjayi breathing.

Level 2:

Hatha Yoga is physically more challenging and includes more advanced Asanas. 

Our sun salutations become more active and dynamic.

We work with the Warrior and Trikonasana series, and more standing positions.

We also explore in gently mobilising and opening the hip joints and invite deep releases through lengthening.

In level.2, we go deeper into the Pranayamas (breathwork) exploring Nadi shodhana and kapalabhati (fire breath) to release the diaphragm and breath from tension more deeply.

The practice is to deepen our awareness of the whole body and through what we can feel, become more present in the now.

Level 3:

Physically the challenge of Asanas becomes even greater . 

We explore handstand, headstand, hanumanasana (splits) advanced,  twists.

You will be invited into more potent Pranayamas, as well as bandhas and mudras. Bandhas and mudras support a deep meditative practice. 

Yin Yoga:

Yin Yoga is practiced by establishing integrity within an Asana (posture) to then slowly soften into stillness and stay in the posture, possibly for a long period of time.

As we enter the posture, we synchronise our breathing with every lengthening, to not only deepen the physical form we make but to invite our awareness of body, mind and presence to clarify.

Yoga Nidra:

Yoga Nidra is a lying down, horizontal meditation.

Using my voice, I gradually invite the whole of your body and mind to let go and relax as deeply as possible.

We allow one hour to drop into a deep relaxed meditation, where there is nothing to do but just be. 



Breathing exercises, that inviting us into a deep meditation.



Meaningful words repeatedly said or sung with presence, as a meditation.